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Welcome to the Living with Disability website.

Young people have helped to put it together and hope you find it useful and fun. The website aims to:

We are here to provide you with all the links and info you need regarding Living with Disability. You may not know if you qualify for disability benefits. The truth is that this varies from individual to individual.

Generally disability tax credits are the non-refundable tax credits which are offered by way of reduction of income tax for people who qualify for the eligible list. The criteria for this list consist of three possibilities. Firstly, you must have a significant impairment in your mental and/or your physical function, and this impairment must be permanent should at least be expected to exist for at least a year.

You will also need a qualified medical practitioner to confirm the seriousness, as well as the persistence, of this impairment, and to provide you with a Disability Tax Credit Certificate. Once this is completed, the disability tax credits will be provided according to the impact your disability has upon your normal functioning.

Although you may meet these criteria, you may not actually have any taxable income to use the tax credits against, in which case you can have them transferred over to your spouse, common-law partner, or care-giver. You must both be residents of the United Kingdom during that tax year. These disability benefits are in place to help you, and are your right, should you qualify. They may not take away the distress caused by your disability, but they will certainly help you to live your life. Please get in touch with us if you wish to know more about Living with Disability.

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Working to improve the professional development and status of disability services staff in the post-16 education sector via education, communication and leadership. see http://nadp-uk.org

or the Pensions Ombudsman

Promoting excellence in the quality and consistency of educational support services provided for students with disabilities.

Making friends is hard!

Friends and relationships are an important part of growing up. As you get older our relationships with people grow and we can choose the people we spend time with. There will be some people that you like more than others and some who you don’t like at all – it‘s your choice!

Friends are important part of life and develop over time. Friends are there to share good times, bad times, offer support, advice and have lots of laughs and fun with too!

How to make friends
Top Tips for Feeling Confident
Your Friends

Here we can also give advice on health and your money BUT please ask a parent or carer for advice if you are not sure about anything contained in the website.



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