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Here at the Living with Disability website we are aware that mental or physical disability is a curse for human beings, as it makes them unable, for example, to earn enough money to support themselves, and leaves them dependent on others for everything. Happily the state provides monthly financial assistance to such individuals in order for them to meet their basic needs. But often unexpected expenses will occur which, with the lack of any other income, can become very difficult to manage. There are loans for people that qualify for disability support, that can provide you with aid during times of emergency. Drop us an email today with your questions regarding Living with Disability.

If you're looking for children's gifts this is the right place to start.

Tengu has over 14 different facial expressions and is guaranteed to cheer you up every time you switch him on. There are obviously more useful ways to use your computers USB ports but If I was given the choice of a memory stick or a singing and gurning plastic rectangle on my desk I know what I’d have to choose.

Making friends is hard!

Friends and relationships are an important part of growing up. As you get older our relationships with people grow and we can choose the people we spend time with. There will be some people that you like more than others and some who you don’t like at all – it‘s your choice!

Friends are important part of life and develop over time. Friends are there to share good times, bad times, offer support, advice and have lots of laughs and fun with too!

How to make friends
Top Tips for Feeling Confident
Your Friends

Here we can also give advice on health and your money BUT please ask a parent or carer for advice if you are not sure about anything contained in the website.



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