New Disable access sites are being built all around the country.

DisabledA qualified professional access audit will also stop you wasting money on inappropriate building work, by offering practical advice and support to ensure ongoing compliance with the DDA. We work in partnership with a number of buildiong companies including Kenwood Plc and Bovis

There is a compelling business case for being accessible to disabled customers.

There are more than 8.7 million disabled people in the UK, 93% of whom live in their own residence.

18% of the working age population are disabled in some form.
A recent estimate of the spending power of disabled consumers in the UK came in at £45-50 billion per annum – which equates to roughly 10% of the UK’s annual GDP.

1:4 of your customers will either have some sort of disability or be close to someone with one. If they are not happy with the service you provide, they will tell other people about it and go elsewhere – and remember, it costs an estimated six times more to get a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.

40% of the UK population are over 45 – the age at which the incidence of disability begins to increase dramatically. Many older customers benefit immensely from the provision of accessible goods and services, even though they may not see themselves as disabled.

Good, easy to use facilities give an impression of a business that is welcoming and responsive to the public in general.

The wider customer base, including families with children, often welcomes buildings and facilities which have been made accessible to disabled people.

Ensuring access for disabled customers raises the standards of access for all customers and users of public services.

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