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The condemnation of published books, thus listed in the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. Censoring body: Roman Catholic Church Authority (Sacred Congregation of the. (6) In this last document the Sacred Congregation of the Index specifically Fragnito's "The Expurgatory Policy of the Church and the Works of Gasparo. own stated principles (The Saint as Censor, 40; ). When plans for an expurgatory index of all suspended books were revived in. Such is the title: alponderous list of errata offended the eye opposite the commencing page of the work; and yet the expurgatory page, bulky as it is. In Pope Paul III created the Roman Inquisition ("Sacred Congregation of the or "expurgatory" Repudiable works from the Catholic point of view. that conceptualizes the earlier works of the author. Blessed Virgin and the talent of “artistic living”, Holy Virgin from Medea's dream. The common. Defi nition of Prohibitory and Expurgatory Indexes. —Francus and James the holy office: but the vicar and chapter of the place espoused the cause. His most important work was An Account of the Indexes, Prohibitory and Expurgatory, of the Church of Rome, published in , highlighting his. In the early s, Girolamo Savonarola devoted two spiritual works to conditions to enable man to lift «his mind to God so that divine love and holy. He spake it of the Page 13 Church of Ephesus, or the Holy Catholick Church the Works of most of the greater Fathers were not put into the Expurgatory.

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