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Report a noise problem like loud music, noisy pubs, neighbour's parties or barking dogs to your local council. Night hours are pm until am. To reduce noise nuisance from houses and premises, the law defines a maximum amount. Noise nuisance Under The Environmental Protection Act , we can investigate complaints of noise from various sources including loud music, barking dogs. Report a noise problem · your name, address and contact details · what the noise is · where you think the noise is coming from · how long the noise. Make a noise complaint. The council can investigate and deal with statutory noise nuisances. In order to take action, the noise has to be significant enough. Find out how to complain about noise. Includes noisy neighbours, vehicles and venues, and noise from industry and construction. Use this form to make a complaint to us about unreasonable noise in Royal Greenwich that does not require an immediate response. This form is only monitored. The types of noise, which people frequently complain about, can be divided into three distinct types: Domestic noise. This includes loud music, barking dogs. You can make a complaint about noise from your neighbor including loud If you make multiple complaints within 8 hours, police may only respond once. How we will investigate your noise complaint. The Public Health Nuisance Team deal with approximately noise complaints each year. In order to effectively.

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